At CroyWall we are very keen to share our passion for climbing with everyone!

For Junior Club Sessions please click here

Private sessions can be for up to six participants and used for the following suggested purposes:

  • Induction to bouldering
  • Age 14-17 young people learning how to become an independent boulderer
  • Families wanting to learn how to climb and supervise their junior independently
  • Coaching to improve your technique
  • Custom to your needs

Due to the instructor needing to remain socially distanced from participants, if there is an age 6-9 year old participant there must be a participating adult.

ALL PARTICIPANTS MUST WEAR A FACE MASK ON AN INSTRUCTED SESSION (This is to protect our instructors as well as the participants, for under 11’s mask wearing is optional)

If you are an existing user of any LCC London Centre then skip straight to Step 4:

Step 1: Read read the Conditions of Use and Rules and the Good Practice Guidelines.

Step 2: Watch our Induction Video below, pay close attention as we will ask you a few safety questions at the centre (psst. All the answers are in the video)

Step 3: Complete the Online Registration Form

Step 4: Book your preferred session below:

Step 5: Come on down and get climbing!

Terms of Registration

Your online pre-registration will be held on the system for 60 days before expiring. Please ensure you visit the Centre within the time to complete your registration.

Equipment hire is included in all pre-booked sessions.

For questions or support with the registration process you can ring CroyWall on 020 3026 4967 or email info@croywall.co.uk