Registration is required for everyone wishing to use at an LCC London Centre.

Completing the form online will significantly speed up your registration when you arrive at one of our centres. Just follow the steps below!

New to Climbing

First time or a bit unsure? We’ve got you covered to get you climbing safely and having fun. There is no need to book!


Step 1: Read the Conditions of Use and Rules and the Good Practice Guidelines.

Step 2: Watch our Induction Video below, pay close attention as we will ask you a few safety questions at the centre (psst. All the answers are in the video).

Step 3: Complete the Online Registration Form.

Step 4: Come on down and get climbing!

…Still not sure about going it alone? If you are unsure about whether you are experienced enough or would just like a bit of help to start off book on to one of our Private Sessions.


Terms of Registration

Your online pre-registration will be held on the system for 60 days before expiring. Please ensure you visit the Centre within the time to complete your registration.

For questions or support with the registration process you can ring CroyWall on 020 3026 4967 or email


Under 18 Climbers

Many options for our Junior climbers.

Juniors (17 and under) can use the Centre if booked on to one of our Kid Clubs, Private sessions or directly supervised by a bouldering competent adult. Juniors aged 14 – 17 may use the Centres unsupervised if they have significant bouldering experience or book and complete an Induction Plus or Private session.