NIBAS is a UK-wide coaching scheme designed to introduce and promote climbing development and recognise individual achievements. NIBAS is structured with Levels 1-3 available at CroyWall currently for ages 10+. Level 1 is the first steps for any would be climber and is perfect for those new to the sport and wanting to learn what bouldering is as a physical activity and how to use a bouldering wall safely. Juniors will develop through a nationally recognised coaching scheme focusing on an individual’s skills and enthusiasm and having fun on the wall. Sessions will be 60 minutes long, instructor led and with a maximum group size of 8.

NIBAS sessions run in seven week courses,  booking for each course goes lives approximately 2 weeks prior to its commencement. If a course is not full we may be able to add participants for part of the course using NIBAS Drop in sessions. You can always email for support if there is no booking availability below.

Participants aged 11+ must wear a face covering. 

Please note that there will be a one off payment of £11 for the NIBAS Logbook and folder on the very first session. This logbook and folder then stays with the participant as they move through the scheme during each class and term.

For full information on the scheme please visit the NIBAS website:

For those looking for a less structured drop-in climbing session for ages 10+, try our Kids Clubs sessions below:

Step 1: Parent and to read the Conditions of Use and Rules and the Good Practice Guidelines.

Step 2: Parent and Junior to watch our Induction Video below:

Step 3: Parent to complete the Online Registration Form for the Junior.

Step 4: Parent book Junior onto NIBAS below:

Step 5: Come on down and get climbing!

Terms of Registration

Parents of participating juniors should complete any registration forms online before coming to the Centre, regardless of whether they personally are going to be the supervisor.

Your online pre-registration will be held on the system for 60 days before expiring. Please ensure you visit the Centre within the time to complete your registration.

Equipment hire is included in all pre-booked sessions.

For questions or support with the registration process you can ring CroyWall on 020 3026 4967 or email